Type swimming training
Spec 1个
Color Yellow and Black
swimming training
Yellow and Black

H906A: 1000M range. Used with H900A

Boneconduction Teaching System Brings Your Coaching Underwater

A new system is now available that the swimmer can receive audible instruction while training. Through bone conduction transmission technology, swimmer could hear the coach's instructions clearly in a noisy circumstance, even for athletes with acquired hearing loss or for blind swimmers. The comfortable, waterproof receiver easily fits under any swim cap or goggle strap and is designed to stay in place even through starts and turns. Each swimmer equipped with a receiver can receive individual communications from the coach or can be addressed simultaneously as a team through the device. This system delivers the coach’s voice to as few as one or as many as 10 waterproof headsets worn by swimmers. The system is suitable for any indoor or outdoor pool swimming, open water swimming, synchronized swimming, and water polo. The transmission range is up to 100 meters for regular model and 1000 meters for advanced model

Quick Review

· Instant feedback on swimming splits, stroke rate, store count and technique

· Multiple channels for up to 20 swimmers

· Team workouts with multiple swimmers to 1 walkie-talkie

· Connect to a MP3 player for a fun workout for the whole team

· Easy to use - turn on, pair channels and go

· 10-meter waterproof

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