Type swimming training
Spec 1个
Color 红色
Model no. H905A
swimming training
Model no.

H905A Receiver: 1000M range. Used with H900A

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The swim communicator

Make a swim faster fun

Your swimmers hear you as they swim!

One-to-One Transmitter and Waterproof Receiver

7 channels and bone conduction tech

You’ll wonder how you ever coached without it! The Swimmunicator’s bone-conducting technology allows the swimmer to hear a coach or parent clear as a bell! for 20 swimmers!   Go from talking to them for seconds at the wall to motivating and correcting stroke all practice long. Hands-free headset included if you order today! Don’t just stand there waiting for their heads to pop up ...   Watch the movie for a demonstration of how exponentially better it is to coach in between the walls. .

The Swimmunicator is a real revolution in Coaching

It’s a radio transmitting system designed to allow coaches to talk to swimmers during, allowing real time continuous   voice feedback.

The system consists of a poolside transmitter and one or up to 20 receivers.

Waterproof to ten meters with a 1000 meter range.

The receivers stay in place under the cap even in starts and turns.

Each receiver and Transmitter has three channels for multiple coaches.

• Using bone conduction technology, the swimmer can hear clearly even in crowded noisy environments.

• Connect the transmitter to a metronome or MP3 player to play music or motivational and technical assistance from the coach or available from CompetitiveSwimmer.com, and various sports psychologists and expert coaches.

• All for the world’s best price!

How cool is this?

Jack, let’s get that head down a little more. Better... now just a little more. Good! Keep your elbow on top -- don’t reach down. Great! Now just a little more rotation. Good, but watch the crossover. Hand in front of your shoulder. Perfect! That last 50 was 25.6. Count your strokes on the next lap. You look great!”

Talk to your swimmers as they swim. Increase your communication 1,000%. No worrying about saying (and repeating) everything only when they are at the wall. Play music for them too! Or cadence. Or cadence and music. Or encouragement and motivation. You can do this! Add fun and the motivation of “gadget” to your practices.