F1 Fish Finder Drone | Wireless Underwater Fishing Camera

F1 is a hi-tech digital full HD wireless fish finder drone with remote control designed for all types of fishing. F1 provides you with intelligent information about the underwater terrain, surroundings, other objects underneath, the location of fish masses, and the position of fish in water.

TS2 Sea Scrooter

---the most portable one monitored by smart APP

To make your underwater sports fun.

 Weights merely 5.9lbs, you can take it with you whenever and wherever since it built-in 97Wh battery. With smart app monitoring and GoPro compatibility, the S2 makes underwater sports fun for everyone.

Swimming Coaching Radio Communicator

The Swim communicator is a real revolution in swimming Coaching. You’ll wonder how you ever coached without it! The bone-conducting technology allows the swimmer to hear a coach or parent clear as a bell in water! swimmer could hear the coach's instructions clearly in a noisy circumstance, even for athletes with acquired hearing loss or for blind swimmers.